Country Wedding

Country Wedding

The ring of trees afire in autumnal bloods and golds

Wedded to the ancient stone root of bell tower

Narthex, nave and rib-vaulted womb

That cradles, enjoins, celebrates and gathers all

Bones into its lichen soil skirts

The harvest of generations here present


The ribboned carriage clops up on the peal of bells and tin cans

Bridesmaid’s squealing in joyous goose-bump shiver

Step out on lace strapped heels and glittered hope

And one day peached bloom and Aphrodite curls

On the fringes of a mayfly fashion.


Tractor boys in shone sharp shoes drag huddle on fisted roll ups

Flush necked in for best collars and apple tight waistcoats

Witter of dipping and farrowing and weighing in measured trade

The lean and fat and firm turned shanks

Of the local market heifers


Mothers in mushroom hats of twirl and veil

Wince each step in glass slippers too new to dance

Their wallflower waltz in the bride’s effervescent light

And remember barefoot meadow days of sprite and chance

Before the ring-pulled lock of aprons, hoovers and winter vests


Corralled fathers in make-do suits of unvarious greys

Rumble the grumbles behind scented pink lapel sprays

And faux silk cravats of the ladies impish choice

Stealing distant gazes on the fawns bloomed to doe and furtive

Palm glances for the going at Ripon, the score from the Lane


The happy couple rited and blessed

Vowing love eternal as root to the stones

Please no confetti to be cast in church grounds

Collection plate at the door, step out country wedded

Under the awkward arches of stone, kith and bone

To wade out into the waves of love’s autumn leaves



Copyright Jasper Dorgan 2018