Marbled skies of mulberry and fire

Lamp hoare-bladed hawthorns in crystal silk nets

Fairy light bugs strobe bramble and briar

As cauldron night hitches its witches hem

And flirts a bright-gartered knee

Everyone sleeps on the 6.23


Geese ski canals and penned sheep unfrieze

Frenzies of crow blot the morning’s fresh page

Flying dogs bound and wolf on the breeze

Hares dash chance over the savage open

For far havens of burrow and tree

Still everyone sleeps on the 6.23


Storm ripped boughs choke elfin rills

Steel donkeys nod shy in wild flower meadows

Fridges in dew ponds and new roads to sky

From distant blue horizons a viral stealth rolls

Of yellow-grey clouded tsunami

But everyone sleeps on the 6.23


The city scums creep under dark glass towers

Rail strand litters and weeping green stone

Boyz rool, Jazza sings the thorned trackside flowers

While high behind grey curtains attics dreamers

Dream it not to be

So everyone sleeps on the 6.23